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Article: What To Do With Old Underwear: 5 Creative Ideas For Repurposing

What To Do With Old Underwear: 5 Creative Ideas For Repurposing

What To Do With Old Underwear: 5 Creative Ideas For Repurposing

Are you wondering what to do with your old underwear? Instead of throwing them away and contributing to waste, there are several creative ways to repurpose them. In this article, we will explore five innovative ideas for giving your old underwear a new lease on life. Whether you're looking to upcycle them into something useful or transform them into unique crafts, these suggestions will help you make the most of your old undergarments while embracing a sustainable lifestyle. So, let's dive in and discover the exciting possibilities for repurposing old underwear.

What To Do With Old Underwear

Turn Them Into Cleaning Rags

Cut up your old underwear into small squares or strips and use them as cleaning rags. They are great for dusting, wiping surfaces, or even cleaning your car. The soft fabric of the underwear can effectively pick up dust and dirt, making them a practical and eco-friendly alternative to disposable cleaning wipes.

Transform Them Into Reusable Produce Bags

Old underwear can be repurposed into reusable produce bags for your grocery shopping. Cut off the waistband and sew the bottom of the underwear shut to create a bag. These bags are perfect for storing fruits and vegetables, reducing the need for single-use plastic bags, and promoting sustainable shopping habits.

Create DIY Hair Ties

Cut the elastic bands from your old underwear and use them to make DIY hair ties. Simply cut the elastic into smaller pieces and tie them together to create stretchy and durable hair accessories. This way, you can give your old underwear a new purpose while saving money on hair ties.

Make Pet Toys

If you have pets, repurposing your old underwear into pet toys is a fun and sustainable option. Cut the fabric into strips and braid them together to create a chew toy for your furry friend. Just make sure to remove any elastic or small parts that could be a choking hazard.

Donate Them For Textile Recycling

If your old underwear is no longer usable or suitable for repurposing, consider donating them for textile recycling. Many organizations and recycling centers accept old textiles and can repurpose them into new materials or turn them into insulation or padding. This way, you can ensure that your old underwear doesn't end up in a landfill and instead contributes to a circular economy.

How To Recycle Old Underwear

  1. Check for textile recycling programs:

Research local organizations or recycling centers that accept old textiles for recycling. Some cities have specific drop-off points or collection bins for textiles. You can also check with local thrift stores or clothing donation centers, as they may have partnerships with textile recycling facilities.

  1. Prepare your old underwear for recycling:

Before donating your old underwear, make sure they are clean and in good condition. Remove any elastic bands, buttons, or embellishments, as these may not be recyclable. It's also a good idea to separate any heavily stained or damaged underwear from the rest.

  1. Donate them to a textile recycling facility:

Once your old underwear is ready, take them to the designated drop-off point or recycling center. Some organizations may accept them in a separate container or bag, so check the guidelines provided by the recycling facility.

  1. Learn about the recycling process:

Understanding how your old underwear will be recycled can be insightful. Textile recycling often involves shredding the fabric into fibers, which are then processed into new materials like insulation or padding. By learning about the recycling process, you can appreciate the value of recycling and the positive impact it has on the environment.

Is there Any Benefit To Donating Used Underwear?

Yes, there are several benefits to donating used underwear. While it may seem unconventional, donating old underwear can actually make a positive impact on both the environment and those in need. Here are a few reasons why donating used underwear is beneficial:

  1. Reducing waste:

By donating your old underwear, you are keeping them out of landfills and reducing waste. Textiles, including underwear, take a significant amount of time to decompose and can contribute to environmental pollution. By giving them a second life through donation, you are helping to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

  1. Helping those in need:

Many people, including those experiencing homelessness or living in poverty, lack access to basic essentials like clean underwear. By donating your gently used underwear, you are providing individuals in need with a much-needed item that promotes their dignity and overall well-being. It can also help improve their hygiene and reduce the risk of certain infections or discomfort.

  1. Supporting charitable organizations:

Charitable organizations that accept donations of used underwear often have specific programs in place to distribute them to those in need. By donating to these organizations, you are supporting their mission and helping them carry out their work effectively. These organizations may also provide other services and support to vulnerable populations, making your donation even more impactful.

  1. Sustainability and circular economy:

Donating used underwear aligns with the principles of sustainability and the circular economy. Instead of discarding items that still have life left in them, you are extending their usefulness and reducing the demand for new products. This helps to conserve resources and reduce the environmental footprint associated with the production of new underwear. By participating in the circular economy, you are contributing to a more sustainable and responsible way of living.

Is there Any Benefit To Donating Used Underwear?

How To Donate Used Underwear

  1. Wash and sanitize:

Before donating your old underwear, make sure to wash and sanitize them thoroughly. Use a gentle detergent and follow the care instructions on the garment's label. This will ensure that the underwear is clean and ready for use by someone else.

  1. Check donation guidelines:

Contact local charitable organizations, shelters, or recycling centers to inquire if they accept donations of used underwear. Some groups may have special restrictions or needs for contributions, so verify before bringing your stuff.

  1. Package and label:

Once you have confirmed that the organization accepts used underwear, package them neatly and label the bag or box accordingly. As a result, your belongings will be more efficiently processed and dispersed during the donation process.

  1. Drop off or schedule a pickup:

Find out the donation drop-off locations or inquire about scheduling a pickup. Some organizations may have designated drop-off points, while others may offer pickup services for larger quantities or bulky items.

  1. Consider supporting specific campaigns:

Some organizations may run specific campaigns or initiatives to collect underwear for certain populations or events. For example, there may be drives to collect underwear for women's shelters or disaster relief efforts. Consider supporting these campaigns to make an even more targeted and impactful donation.

How Can I Find Out If My Old Underwear Is Still Usable?

One of the primary signs of worn-out underwear is stretched-out elastic. Check the waistband and leg openings for any signs of significant stretching or sagging. If the elastic no longer hugs your body comfortably, it's time to say goodbye.

Thoroughly examine your underwear for any holes or tears. Small holes can often be repaired, but larger ones may compromise the integrity of the garment. If you find any significant damage, it's best to retire them.

Fabrics can deteriorate over time, becoming thin and fragile. If the fabric of your underwear feels unusually thin or appears worn out, they may not have much life left in them. Take note of any pilling, as it may signal that the fabric is starting to disintegrate.

Underwear should be comfortable to wear. If your old underwear has become uncomfortable due to fabric roughness, excessive wear and tear, or stretched-out waistbands, it's time to bid them farewell.

While it may seem simple, sanitation is a crucial consideration when assessing if old underwear is still useable. If your underwear is discolored, has a persistent stench, or is otherwise filthy, it's preferable to toss it rather than give it. Remember, the purpose is to donate clean and useful underpants to those in need.

Where To Donate Used Underwear

Planet Aid: Planet Aid is a nonprofit organization that collects and recycles used clothing and textiles. They have drop-off locations across the United States where you can donate your old underwear and other clothing items.

USAgain: USAgain is an online platform that allows you to donate and recycle various items, including used underwear. They partner with different organizations and recycling centers to ensure that your donations are properly repurposed or recycled.

Mend: Mend which stands for Meet Each Need with Dignity, is a non-profit organization based in Pacoima, California, dedicated to alleviating poverty and providing essential services to individuals and families in need. Founded in 1971 and has since been actively involved in addressing various aspects of poverty, including food insecurity, healthcare, education, and clothing.


In conclusion, repurposing old underwear offers a sustainable solution that not only gives them a new purpose but also helps reduce waste. By creatively transforming our old undergarments into cleaning rags, reusable produce bags, DIY hair ties, pet toys, or donating them for textile recycling, we actively contribute to a more sustainable way of living. Embracing these innovative ideas allows us to make a positive impact on the environment, ensuring that our actions align with a more sustainable approach to everyday life. So, instead of simply discarding old underwear, let's choose to repurpose them sustainably and play our part in creating a greener future.

Final Thoughts

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