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Underwear Design



 While our approach to men's garment design may be unique, it has never been random because an Industrial Design Engineer oversees our design team. All of our clothing has undergone extensive testing, research, and fitting since the beginning to fulfill both your and our high standards.

It's also no accident that our signature anatomical pouch features two distinct designs: AnatoMAX, which is our largest pouch design for men who want complete freedom of movement, and AnatoFREE, which is 2 cm shallower in depth and 1 cm shorter in the front length and offers a slightly more supportive fit. Five redesigns of the pouch concept have been made to guarantee that you receive high-quality men's clothing that is tailored for the ideal fit.

Our proprietary anatomical pouch is a characteristic of all of our underwear. Our iconic anatomical pouch was created with the express purpose of removing the discomfort connected to conventionally structured underwear.

The famous pouch maintains a natural downward posture and feel while offering the highest level of comfort, fit, and performance. The closest thing to being nude in this natural position is having your genitalia gently cradled in the softest hands (fabric) possible.



Our two anatomical pouch designs are meant to have the same size and shape as male genitalia, and the choice of our fabric further improves the design advantages.

The normal downward position gets rid of:

  • need for readjusting
  • reduces heat build-up in testicles, which has been linked to fertility issues
  • squashed feeling

Your penis and testicles are covered in the softest and most breathable natural cloth we could make, which gets rid of the usual issues with:

  • sticking of skin against your inner thigh
  • rubbing and chaffing when sweating or running
  • jock rot from skin being moist and unable to breath

In this day and age of innovation, men shouldn't have to deal with these issues. Our boys downstairs should also have room to breathe if we can design a mechanism that allows men to breathe in space.



Our new intelligent design system is included in every one of our products. We continue to work on optimizing the placement, size, and fit of the clothing as part of this internal system.

As a result, the clothing you wear all day long will fit and move ergonomically with your body. Never bundle, bind, or strain anything.

The days of having narrow leg holes, displaying a plumber's crack when you bend down, or having the legs ride up are long gone. We have put a lot of effort and thought into finding solutions for these issues, as well as many others that are typically connected to underwear that is traditionally designed.

No matter the activity, the garment will flex with your body due to its specially made 4-way stretch fabric, which can adapt to any movement.

We believe it is time for men to put their tighty whities, which their mothers used to buy, and other traumatic childhood experiences, in the past.






What good is a brilliant design if it isn't made of the correct material? This was the issue we ran into when we originally launched the brand. It was clear that regular cotton underwear fabric wouldn't work.

We ultimately decided on two materials for our underwear after a lengthy search for the perfect fabric. Both were specially made to our exact requirements just for us.

The MicroModal/Lycra blend used in our PrimeMan line was precisely developed to complement the garment design and provide the best level of comfort.

Beech trees that have been sustainably grown and harvested are used to make MicroModal, which are typically taken from European forests. The fabric has a larger gauge weave and is combined with licensed Dupont Lycra to create an ultra-light, ultra-soft, cool stretch fabric that feels incredible.

The lightest, softest, and most comfortable natural fabric currently on the market for men's underwear is our MicroModal fabric.

We had to come up with something for those men who desired sturdy, every day underwear at a lower price because super soft, ultra light fabric has a cost. We weren't going to accept the typical cotton underwear material. 


We collaborated with suppliers to create a special blend of Bamboo Rayon and Lycra fabric for our more economical EveryMan and FreeMan ranges. We were able to attain a similar level of technical performance to the MicroModal, but with improved durability and at a significantly lower cost.

Bamboo plants from China are collected and produced into Bamboo Rayon using sustainable farming practices. Since these bamboo plants are not the same species that pandas eat, our actions have no effect on how vulnerable these animals are. The fabric has a lower gauge weave and is combined with licensed Dupont Lycra to create a fabric that is more breathable, cooler, and tougher and harder-wearing than typical cotton underwear fabric.

The greatest everyday fabric we could create for our underwear is our Bamboo Rayon fabric. 

As the biggest organ in the body, our skin requires airflow to keep us cool and comfortable. It is therefore crucial that the fabric breathes since your underwear will be in direct contact with your skin throughout the day.




To ensure the maximum level of moisture wicking performance, the weave type, yarn thickness, and fiber structure of our fabric were meticulously chosen and put through rigorous testing.

Our MicroModal and Bamboo Rayon fabrics drain moisture away from the body to the fabric's upper surface where it may evaporate, leaving the skin cool and dry, in contrast to cotton fabric's propensity to absorb and retain moisture.

Our bodies cool down as a result of sweat evaporation from our skin. Avoiding this evaporation by wearing clothing that is poorly chosen and doesn't wick away moisture interferes with the body's natural cooling process and makes you perspire more.

Why then go against your body's natural cooling system when you can wear underwear with improved moisture wicking technology, which boosts your own cooling system and leaves you feeling cool, dry, and comfortable.




There is no denying that we all sweat. We all sweat—some of us more, some of us less. Just because we do doesn't mean that our underwear needs to smell like a lost pair of workout socks at the end of the day.

We cannot allow bacteria to spread and establish a foothold in the body by allowing our underwear or crotch to smell.

Our specially made materials were chosen for their inherent, natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. Our underwear is made from threads with fibers that naturally combat fungus and bacteria.

This ensures that even on a hot, sweaty day, no germs or fungus may develop in the fabric's threads. Thus, the absence of germs and fungi also means the absence of jock rot, irritated skin, and most noticeably, odor.

* Warning: maintaining personal hygiene and showering regularly should always come first.


A pair of underwear's waistband is a crucial part that actually makes or breaks a nice pair of underwear. How useful is a pair of underwear if every time you take a rapid step, they end up around your ankles? 

On the other hand, if it's too tight, you'll quickly lose feeling in your legs and scream in agony when you take off your underwear at the end of the day and the waistband rips off half of your skin with it. 

We collaborated closely with our suppliers during the design process to create a waistband that stays put while also being really comfortable and not irritating to the skin.  

To ensure that they will endure the life of the garment and remain as soft against the skin as the day you purchased them, our waistbands underwent various strength and durability tests. The strength of the waistband won't deteriorate over the course of the garment's lifespan due to our emphasis on durability and usage of the best quality materials.   

Every one of our waistbands has a soft back lining that is made to be gentle on the skin while also allowing the skin to breathe and wick away moisture. We guarantee that none of our underwear will ever cause skin irritation when you remove the waistband. 



We have all experienced the all-too-familiar feeling of putting on a nice new pair of underwear, heading out the door, only to find that the size tag has decided you will not enjoy today and is digging into you with each step and motion you make during the day.

We decided to do away with the labels completely in order to guarantee that you would never experience that while wearing our underwear. It can't disturb you if it's not there.

On the inside of the waistband, we instead print the size label and care instructions. To ensure you receive all the information you require without ever experiencing the annoyance of a sewn-in label, we exclusively use top-notch non-toxic ink.

With our underwear, there's no risk of accidentally slicing a hole in a perfectly nice, brand-new pair of underwear while attempting to remove the care instructions label.