With an Industrial Design Engineer running our design team you can be certain that while our approach to men's apparel design may be revolutionary, but it has never been random. Since the beginning, all our garments undergo intense research, testing and fitting to meet your high expectations as well as ours.

Our signature anatomical pouch is no accident either, consisting of 2 different designs – AnatoMAX which is our largest pouch design for men who want complete freedom of movement, and AnatoFREE which is 2cm shallower in depth and 1cm shorter in front length – providing a slightly more snug and supportive fit. The pouch concept has undergone 5 redesigns to ensure you are getting quality men's apparel, engineered for the perfect fit.

All of our underwear features our propriety anatomical pouch. Our signature anatomical pouch was envisioned with a specific goal to eliminate the discomfort associated with traditionally designed underwear.

Our legendary pouch provides maximum comfort, fit and performance while maintaining a natural downwards positioning and feel. This natural position is just like being naked but having your genitals gentle cradled in softest hands (fabric) imaginable.

The size and shape of our 2 anatomical pouch designs are intended to match that of the male genitals and our fabric choice further enhances the design benefits.

The natural downwards position eliminates:

  • need for readjusting
  • reduces heat build-up in testicles, which has been linked to fertility issues
  • squashed feeling

The fact that your penis and testicles are enveloped in the softest and most breathable natural fabric we could create eliminates the typical problems of:

  • sticking of skin against your inner thigh
  • rubbing and chaffing when sweating or running
  • jock rot from skin being moist and unable to breath

Men should not have to suffer these problems in this day and age of innovation. If we can design a system to allow men to breathe in space then our boys downstairs should have space to breathe as well.

All of our products feature our new intelligent design system. As part of this in-house system our ongoing engineering efforts focus on improving the positioning, size and fit of the garments.

The result is a garment which fits and moves with your body ergonomically and effortlessly all day long. Never binding, pinching, bunching or stretching.

Gone are the days of tight leg openings, plumber's crack showing when you bend over or the legs riding up. We have invested a tremendous amount of time and thought into eliminating these and a whole lot more problems normally associated with traditionally designed underwear.

Our custom manufactured 4 way stretch fabric means the garment can accommodate any movement and will flex with your body regardless of the activity.

We think its time men left the pain and discomfort of their tighty whities (that mum used to buy) in the past along with their other painful childhood memories.

What is the point of a great design if its not made out of the right fabric. This is the problem we encountered when we were first starting the brand. Ordinary cotton underwear fabric just wasn't going to cut it.

Our journey of fabric discovery led us to finally settle on two fabrics for our underwear. Both custom manufactured exclusively for us to our own unique specifications.

Our PrimeMan range is made from a MicroModal / Lycra blend specially formulated to work hand in hand with our garment design to give the highest level of comfort.

MircoModal is manufactured from sustainably grown and harvested Beech trees typically sourced from European forests. The fabric is of a higher gauge weave and blended with licenced Dupont Lycra resulting in an ultra-light, ultra-soft, cool stretch fabric which moved effortless with your body and feels sensational.

Our MicroModal fabric is the lightest, softest, most comfortable natural fabric available for men's underwear.

Ultra soft, ultra light fabric comes at a price so we had to come up with something for those men out there who wanted durable, every day underwear at a more affordable price. We weren't about to settle for standard cotton underwear fabric.

For our more affordable EveryMan and FreeMan range we worked with suppliers to develop a custom blend of Bamboo Rayon and Lycra fabric. We managed to achieve nearly the same technical performance as the MicroModal but with greater durability, almost the same level of comfort but at a fraction of the price.

Bamboo Rayon is manufactured from sustainably grown and harvested bamboo plants from China. These are not the same species of Bamboo plants which pandas eat so we do not impact on the vulnerability of these animals. The fabric is of a lower gauge weave and also blended with licenced Dupont Lycra resulting in a stronger and harder wearing fabric which is more moisture absorbent and cooler than regular cotton underwear fabric.

Our Bamboo Rayon fabric is the very best everyday fabric which we were able to develop for our underwear.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it needs to breathe to keep us cool and comfortable. So with your underwear directly sitting on your skin all day long, its hugely important whether the fabric breathes or not.

The fiber structure and thickness of the yarn of our fabric along with the weave type was carefully selected and rigorously tested to ensure the highest level of moisture wicking performance.

Whereas cotton fabric has a tendency to absorb and retain moisture, our MicroModal and Bamboo Rayon fabrics, wick the moisture away from the body to the upper surface of the fabric so that it can evaporate, leaving the skin cool and dry.

Its the evaporation of sweat off our skin which cools down our bodies. Preventing this evaporation with poorly selected fabric which don't wick out the moisture defeats the bodies cooling mechanism and causes you to sweat more.

So why work against your body's natural cooling mechanism when you can choose underwear with enhanced moisture wicking technology which turbo charges your own cooling system leaving you feeling cool, dry and comfortable.

We all sweat, there are no two ways about it. Some of us more, some of us less, but we all sweat. Just because we do doesn't mean that our underwear has to smell like a forgotten pair of gym socks at the end of our day.

Smelly underwear or a smelly crotch means that bacterial are on the loose and taking a hold, and we can't let that happen.

Our custom manufactured fabrics were specifically selected for their natural in-built anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The fibers of the threads used to manufacture our underwear naturally fight bacteria and fungus.

This means that no bacteria or fungus can grow in the threads of the fabric during the course of a hot sweaty day. So no growing bacteria and fungus means no jock rot, no irritated skin and definitely no smell.

* Warning, wearing our underwear should not replace regular showering, bathing and personal hygiene.

The waistband of a pair of underwear is a fundamentally important component and can literally make or break a good pair of underwear.  Seriously, how good can a pair of underwear be if they end up down around your ankles every time you break into a quick walk.

On the other hand, too tight and you will soon lose feeling to your legs and cry out in pain when you pull your underwear off at the end of the day and the waistband takes half your skin along with it.

As part of our design process we worked hand in hand with our suppliers to develop a waistband which stays put but at the same time is super soft and doesn't dig into your skin.

Our waistbands went through numerous strength and durability tests to make sure they will last the life of the garment and be as soft on the skin as the day you bought them. Our focus on durability and the use of the highest quality inputs ensures that the strength of the waistband does not fade over the life of the garment.

All of our waistbands feature a soft back lining designed to be soft on the skin but at the same time allow the skin to breathe and wick away moisture. You will never take off a pair of our underwear and find that the waistband has irritated your skin.

We all know that all too familiar feeling, pull on a nice new pair of underwear, step out the door and discover that the size tag has decided you are not going to enjoy today and proceeds to dig into you with every step you take and every move you make, all day long.

To make sure that can never happen to you while wearing our underwear we decided to get rid of the labels all together. If its not there, it cant bother you.

Instead we print the size label and the care instructions on the inside of the waistband. We only use high quality non-toxic ink to ensure you get all of the information you need but never the irritation of a sewn in label.

With our underwear you never have to try to cut off the care instructions label and accidentally cut a hole in the underwear relegating a perfectly good, new pair of underwear to the trash.